Day 3 @EuroHockey U18 Championships

Posted On 20/07/2021

Championship (b), Valencia


09:00NED – BELPool A4 – 0 
11:15ESP – RUSPool A4 – 0
1 Netherlands210173
2 Germany110043
3 Spain110043
4 Belgium2101-33
5 Russia2002-120

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Championship II (b), Vienna


16:45UKR – TURPool B2 – 0 
19:00AUT – POLPool B2 – 0

On the 2nd day of pool B matches were played. First Ukraine and Turkey showed their hockey skills. 3 years ago in Konya (EuroHockey Championship III) the Ukrainian team beat the Turks 4-3.

3 players who entered the pitch today were also present 3 years ago: Yurii DZEMUKH from Ukraine and from Turkey Mehmet Ali TEKE (GK) and captain İsa BAKAR.

İsa BAKAR was the first person to get his name on the match sheet after his field goal a couple of minutes before half-time. Till then both teams had chances but were not able to score. Mid-way the 3rd period a nice attack from Ukraine over the right-hand side made sure that Mehmet Ali TEKE had to make a good safe, but the rebound was scored by Yaroslav BERHILEVYCH. Both teams had chances. A Ukrainian attack was stopped by a fault of the defense resulting in a penalty stroke: Yurii DZEMUKH converted this opportunity. The Turkish team kept on pressing and got several chances, but the Ukrainian goalkeeper did not concede a goal anymore and, as was the case in 2018, Ukraine won.

For a full venue, the home nation Austria took on Poland. The sides of Austrian coach Cedric D’SOUZA and Polish coach Waldemar RATAJ were well structured and it became a close and good game. Not until the 36th minute when a PC was stopped on the body of a defender. Midfielder Fülöp LOSONCI remained cool and made it 1-0 to the home team.

Poland pressed and were also awarded a penalty stroke, but Lukas SCHIESSER (GK) stopped the stroke and became the hero of the Austrians. 3 minutes before the end Benjamin KÖLBL made an end to the Polish hopes for a point/points and scored 2-0 via a nice PC variant

Championship III (b), Zagreb


16:45BLR – LUXPool A4 – 0
19:00SUI – LTUPool A6-1
1 Switzerland2200126
2 Croatia110043
3 Belarus110043
4 Lithuania2002-90
5 Luxembourg2002-110

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Day two in Zagreb started with Belarus taking on Luxembourg for their first match of the tournament. Luxembourg managed to defended well and created quite a few chances, but ultimately Belarus got the win.

Switzerland again struggled to convert their chances in the first half, but Lithuania struggled as well and once again in the second half, Switzerland turned up the intensity and scored five goals while Lithuania managed to get their first goal of the tournament.

Championship (g), Valencia


17:45NED – RUSPool A6 – 0
20:00BEL – ESPPool A1-2
1 Germany110063
1 Netherlands110063
3 Belgium210113
4 Spain2101-53
5 Russia2002-80

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Championship II (g), Zurich


16:45CZE – FRAPool B3 – 3
19:00ITA – SUIPool B0 – 2

Pool A

RankTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints

Pool B

RankTeamPlayedWinsDrawsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstGoal DifferencePoints
1Czech Republic211010374

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Featured photo: Turkey at the EuroHockey Championship II, Vienna

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