Day 2 RoundUp EuroHockey Championship III, women, Lipovci

Posted On 02/08/2021

The second sunny day started with the suspended and re-scheduled match between Ukraine and host team Slovenia.

Ukraine v Slovenia 14-0

2019 Ukraine was relegated from EuroHockey Championship II and here they came to win. Svitlana Makaieva, Head Coach of Ukraine told “We didn’t have hockey in last year and we glad that we back on track. Players and staff are happy to enjoy hockey again and EHF did a great job to go ahead with these events.”

The match was not intense, clever tactical preparation and a lot of ‘one touch’ moves bring an easy win for the Ukraine team, final score 14 – 0. Slovenian captain, Andreja Rituper, the entire match asked the team not to give up and play till the last second. This is the spirit spectators want to see from each hockey player.

Goals score 5 field goals (Shevchenko Yuliia), 4 field goals (Leonova Karyna), 2 field goals (Kurovska Olha), 1 field goal (Honcharenko Olha), 1 goal from a penalty corner (Ponomarenko Oksana, Kernoz Yevheniya).

Slovakia v Portugal 1-6

The second match of the day brings a nice surprise, as the Portugal team participating in a women’s event after a long break and showed that they came here with a clear message – win the championship. It’s their first international event for all ladies. Slovakian team this is the second EuroHockey event in the same place, Lipovci.

In the first 15 seconds and we already saw the first goal from Claudia Fidalgo. During the whole game, the Portuguese team was under control. They had 4 penalty corners but didn’t realize any of them. At the same time, the Slovakian team had 5 penalty corners, and at the end of the 3rd quarter, they scored the first goal from PC.

In the 4th quarter, Slovakia tried to score at least one more goal, but Portugal defenders were well prepared for this. Final result 6 – 1, goals scored: Portugal 3 field goals (Ledesma Mariana), 2 field goals (Bruce Sónia), 1 field goal (Fidalgo Claudia), Slovakia 1 goal from a penalty corner (Vyskočová Karolína).

Switzerland v Turkey 3-2

The last match of the day was between two strong teams – Switzerland and Turkey. The last time these teams played against each other was in 2017 and the final result was 2 – 1, Turkey won.

In 2019 Turkish team was relegated from EuroHockey Championship II. The match starts intensely, with both teams took ‘high pressure’ tactics which helped both teams to score first goals in the 1st quarter.

At the start of the 2nd quarter, Elena Trösch scored a wonderful goal and let Switzerland lead until halftime.

In the 3rd quarter, the Turkish team took the initiative of the game and after the 10th minute they equal the score to 2 – 2. 4 minutes from the match end, Switzerland scored the final goal and won the match 3 – 2.

Goals scores: Switzerland 1 field goal (Trösch Elena, Pöhler Nele), 1 goal from penalty corner (Stomps Sofie). Turkey 2 goals from penalty corner (Gültekin Fatma Songül).

To follow the live scoring click here

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