Day 3 EuroHockey Championship II, w, Prague

Posted On 18/08/2021

Delight for France here in Prague on day 3, as they secured a place in the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers.

France 1 – 0 Austria

A hugely important win for the French, and an excellent display from them, after taking the lead early and withstanding nearly 60 minutes of pressure from the Austrian side.

Both sides started strongly and made advances towards goal, leading to some intense opening minutes. 5 minutes in France were defending but turned it over and worked the ball well up the field. Some patient buildup, quick reactions from Tessa-Margot SCHUBERT and then Eve VERZURA fired home.

The first quarter saw the best chances and the highest number of penalty corners, though for the rest of the game both sides continued to press forward.

On day 4 France will face Czech and Austria play Belarus

Belarus v Czech Republic 3-0

A strong physical game from both sides reflected the importance of each of these games for the teams.

From early on Belarus created good chances to score, and much of the play was focused on the Czech half. In the opening minutes to home, the team failed to deal with a loose ball in their D and Krestsina PAPKOVA pounced to make it 1-0.

A penalty corner netted by Yauheniya FILIPOVICH doubled the lead, and at the final minutes of the half pressure from Belarus led to a turnover high up the pitch. A loose ball was slotted home by Dziyana BATSIUKOVA.

Belarus looked to have seen off the match and were leading comfortably at halftime, but the home team came out after the break and were straight on the offensive. A superbly executed penalty corner 3 minutes into the half, converted by captain Tereza MEJZLIKOVA gave them a boost. They kept the pressure up and dominated possession in the third quarter, but those two goals at either end of the 2nd quarter had given the Belarusian side a comfortable lead at halftime and despite the fight of the Czechs it never really looked in danger.

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