#FridayFocus Qormi Hockey Club forms the first local Women’s Team

Posted On 11/02/2022

Qormi Hockey Club forms the first local Women’s Team to compete in U18 National League *Equally Amazing

The EHF is delighted to report that Qormi Hockey Club (Malta) is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Five decades after its founding, 2021 turned into a landmark year for the club, marking also the history of hockey in Malta by forming the first Under 18 women’s team to compete at a national level in hockey leagues.

Hockey is gaining popularity in Malta. Qormi Hockey Club’s administrative committee together with the club’s experienced coaching staff commits themselves towards providing professional training in this field to support girls and boys of various age groups in reaching their full potential.

The inclusive sporting environment at Qormi Hockey Club training facilities attracts both local and foreign female hockey athletes who wish to become involved and play hockey in Malta. Committed to shaping the future of the club’s female players, the club is confident that the formation of the ladies hockey team will drive a powerful change in the local perception and participation of girls and women in field hockey. New faces have joined the squad, including also foreign talent who are training under the guidance of Coach John Williams and Assistant Coach Rudolph Camilleri. The players’ passion and their determination towards making the most out of their hockey career led the squad to regular pre-season training sessions in the scorching hot temperatures to ensure the team is well prepared for positive competition and hopeful victories in the coming season.

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