EuroHockeyID Championships gets underway

Posted On 05/07/2022

5th July 2022, Brussels, Belgium: EuroHockey is committed to ensuring that hockey continues to be a sport for all. Our inclusive values are an integral part of our development activities and we continue to grow with each passing year.

This year the EuroHockeyID Championships take place in Pinoke HC alongside the FIH Women’s World Cup! A change from the ‘usual’ as 2021 proved impossible to run the event alongside the 2021 EuroHockey Championships! The finals venue is the national stadium of the Dutch Hockey Federation (KNHB) and current host of the FIH Women’s World Cup and the previous host of the EuroHockey Championship and EuroHockey ID Championship.

Teams from Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, England, Germany, the Czech Republic, and The Netherlands will be participating!

6th July will see all the standard Team Briefing meetings along with checking the divisioning of the teams. This is to ensure fairness on the field! Teams also have the chance to visit the Women’s World Cup!

7th and 8th July will be the competitive games in the Championship, Trophy, and Challenges.

9th July will see the Finals of all 3 divisions, with all teams having the chance to play on the World Cup pitch!

Read more of the history and the full match schedule :

Official Programme EuroHockey ID Championships 2022

Marijke Fleuren, EHF President said “We are very proud of all our athletes and look forward to seeing some fantastic hockey in this tournament. To all parents, carers, and staff we thank you for your continued help and support. To the KNHB & Pinoke Hockey Club thank you for making this such an integrated event. To all the players, we wish you a great tournament. To the fans: Enjoy the show!”

Wouter Van Salen, Pinoke HC added “Pinoke Hockey Club is extremely proud to be hosting the 2022 EuroHockey ID Championships as we did in 2017. ID Hockey is close to our hearts, we are an inclusive club that welcomes opportunities for everyone. The club is very pleased to host you all. We hope that you will feel welcome and have a wonderful time on and off the pitch, competing with fellow athletes on an international stage and enjoying the food and activities that our staff and volunteers will present to you. The privilege is ours and in turn, we hope you are inspired by this event for years to come.”

The EHF Youth Panel, in conjunction with experienced TD and UM Sabina Zampetti and Rob Ten Cate, and a great panel of young and experienced umpires will be responsible for running the event.

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Photograph: The Belgian Giants – Col Morley (c)




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