The EHF and Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia sign an historic MOU

Posted On 12/07/2022

A Memorandum of Understanding has been concluded between Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia (SOEE) and European Hockey Federation (EHF).

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt” Special Olympics oath

During the recent Finals of the EuroHockey ID Championships, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Marijke Fleuren, President of the EHF, and Mariusz Damentko, Senior Advisor – Sports & World Games, SOEE, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

This memorandum of understanding (MoU)is a statement of intention between the EHF and SOEE Parties in relation to the issues mentioned below:

Principles of Cooperation

To achieve these objectives, Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia and European Hockey Federation will:

  • cooperate in the development of content and materials that can be delivered through both networks.
  • be in regular contact and share information related to upcoming programs and initiatives.
  • be open to identifying potential areas for practical cooperation.
  • provide advice and support on related issues; and
  • where appropriate, share information and resources with both international networks.

In the spirit of cooperation, the Parties agree to:

  • support each other in their respective endeavors, including programs and events; and
  • acknowledge this MOU in organizational communications, including the website, social media, newsletters, episodes, etc. Include the other Party’s logo with a link to their website.

Additional fields of cooperation and amendments

To pursue the cooperation, either Party may propose specific arrangements and additional fields of cooperation of mutual benefit for consideration by the other Party. The Parties are expected to consult together upon request of either Party regarding any matter relating to the terms of this Memorandum of Understanding.

EHF President, Marijke Fleuren said “This is an important moment for our athletes. We now can work together with SOEE in a spirit of cooperation to secure the stability and growth of HockeyID. Also to ensure that our athletes have access to as wide an opportunity to pursue the sport of hockey. Thank you to all who have made this possible, and we look forward to a new chapter for our athletes.”


Mariusz Damentko, Senior Advisor – Sports & World Games, SOEE added “We are very much impressed by EHF and FIH enthusiasm towards our partnership and readiness to support development of Field Hockey in Special Olympics Movement. I am absolutely sure that thanks to signing this Memorandum in Amsterdam, we will have significant growth of athletes with ID playing this great- Olympic sport. SOEE will promote Field Hockey among other Special Olympics regions. We really appreciate huge help in this process coming from leadership of EHF and Special Olympics Netherlands.”

Photograph L-R: Natascha Bruers (Sports Director, Special Olympics NL), Helen Richardson-Walsh (EHF HockeyID Ambassador), Mariusz Damentko (Senior Advisor – Sports & World Games, SOEE), Marijke Fleuren, (President EHF), Juan Andres de Koning, (EHF Hockey ID Athlete Ambassador), and Ruud Verbunt (Chairman, Special Olympics NL). 


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