Update Day 4 – EuroHockey Junior Championship II, w, Vienna

Posted On 28/07/2022

Report thanks to Austrian Hockey: Day 3 brought two leaders with 7 points – Austria and Poland at EuroHockey Junior Championship II Women (Vienna). So crunchtime on Friday in the game against each other!


AUT-CZE 2:2 (1:1)

The match between Austria and the Czech Republic starts with a balanced first quarter, which is mainly played between the two-quarter lines. In the 24th minute, a long ball hits Katharina Proksch, who runs alone towards the goalkeeper, catches her right in the crotch and the ball finds its way between the goalkeeper’s legs and into the goal.

But the jubilation is short-lived. A minute later, the Czech Republic was awarded a penalty corner, which was converted and made 1-1. All in all, a more or less fair draw. The Austrians fight bravely again, but the game doesn’t seem quite as smooth. The team also has to do without Helene Herzog due to illness today, who otherwise mainly supports the game up front. Nice attack from the left, Katzi Proksch gambles a short corner, unfortunately, the ball missed the goal.

The Czech Republic also got two penalty corners, which the Austrian corner defense can defuse. So it stays at 1:1.

Great tension in the last quarter and Austria decided the game. Fiona Felber drives the ball down the right side – long ball – cross pass and Isabella Klausbruckner somehow manages to get the ball, but it is blocked. She starts “her 5 minutes” with it, and gets a high ball from the opponent, but the ball cannot be used profitably. Shortly thereafter, it is Bella Klausbruckner again who takes the next penalty corner and then also takes the shot herself. And really – she scores and it’s 2-1 for Austria in the 53rd minute.

Then the game becomes increasingly hectic. The ball was lost too easily in midfield – the next penalty corner was awarded to the Czech Republic. Warded off. Big chance for Franzi Frey – unfortunately, no. The Czech Republic takes the goalkeeper off the field 3 minutes before the end to create a majority and in addition, Laura Kern receives a yellow card.

Unfortunately, the Czech corner shooter performed well and equalized to make it 2:2. The Young Red Foxes don’t hang their heads – long ball to Bella Klausbruckner, ideal transfer to Katzi Proksch – penalty corner for Austria. A strong save by the Czech goalkeeper, who extends her telescopic foot, prevents the goal. But Austria stays on the ball – earns two more corners, but they don’t lead to a goal.

Head coach Corinna Zerbs is nevertheless satisfied with 7 points from 3 games “It was a good fight today, the implementation is still going according to plan and we know where we can still fine-tune. In any case, the team is looking forward to 2 Crunchtime games! “ 

And that’s exactly why the Young Red Foxes are hoping for a lot of support from the fans on Friday. The opponent at 2:00 p.m. is Poland, who are tied at the top of the table with Austria. A win would mean a perfect starting position for promotion to the A Division. 

POL – UKR 2:1 (1:1)

The game between Poland and Ukraine starts exciting. Poland advances and takes the lead in the 10th minute, followed by a penalty corner for Poland, but this chance is not taken. In the 14th minute, Ukraine equalizes – the score is 1:1 in the first quarter.

Then the game flattened out a bit and was fairly uneventful – no big chances for either side, no penalty corners – all in all very few circle scenes. You get the feeling that both teams are quite happy with the draw. Only the last few minutes bring tension again. Ukraine attacked earlier now, but Poland remains undeterred, maintaining good possession and even finishing a quick attack with a goal in the last minute.

Poland wins 2-1.

FRA – ITA 3:0 (0:0)

Italy can hold 0-0 until half-time. This is mainly due to the fact that France is clearly superior in midfield, but fails to finish too many situations in the game going forward. In addition, the goal post and crossbar prevented France from scoring earlier.

In the second half, France plays a more aggressive pressing and attacks very high. Italy can rarely break free and it took until the 42nd minute for France to finally make it 1-0. In the last quarter, France took a penalty corner right at the start and turned it into a 2-0. Ella Dumont put the final point in the 54th minute and France can celebrate a 3-0 win.

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