EHF Executive Board meets in person

Posted On 16/09/2022

16th September 2022, Brussels, Belgium: The EHF Executive Board is meeting in person in the EHF Offices over the next two days. A full agenda will be discussed and debated with some key decisions being made.


The Agenda is as follows:
  • President’s welcome
  • Approval of May Minutes 
  • Development Report
    • EU Updates – Digital Transformation  
    • Branding Update and Guidelines 
    • Solidarity Grants 
  • FIH update
    • Election Update 
  • Competitions
    • Indoor Report 
    • Outdoor Report and update from CCO Meeting
  • Communications and Commercial Report  
    • U21 & EHC Qualifier facts and figures  
    • EHTV+ 
  • Officials & Appointment Report
  • Coaching Report
  • Director General Report
  • General Assembly 2022 
  • EHC 2023 
  • EHL Update
  • Finance
  • AOB

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