EuroHockey Championship 2023 dates announced

Posted On 19/09/2022

  • The EuroHockey Championship 2023 is coming to Mönchengladbach
  • Dates for the 2023 Hockey Highlight announced
  • Celebrating Team Spirit! From August 18th to 27th 2023, the Women’s and Men’s EuroHockey Championships will take place at HockeyPark Mönchengladbach, Germany.

    Eight Women’s and Men’s teams will battle for the European crown in Germany’s biggest hockey stadium. It will be the second time the venue has hosted the continent’s most prestigious competition and the first time Germany and Mönchengladbach have welcomed the tournament since 2011’s spectacular edition.

    Ticket sales for the event will start in the autumn of 2022 and the DHB’s preparations for one of the biggest sports events in 2023 are already in full swing.

    At the EuroHockey Championships 2023, 8 women’s and 8 men’s teams will battle it out across 40 games with the winner of each tournament qualifying directly for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

    Top-class hockey is guaranteed with up to 100,000 fans able to watch the tournament and the best European hockey players at the Hockeypark Mönchengladbach.

    The participants

    The crème de la crème awaits those fans following the qualification process for EuroHockey Championship 2023 which was completed in August, leading to the following line-ups:

    – Women’s teams: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy

    – Men’s teams: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Spain, Austria, France, Wales

    EuroHockey ID Championship in parallel

    In tandem with the main event, the festival will also feature the EuroHockey ID Championship from August 20th to 24th, 2023 at the GHTC (Mönchengladbach Hockey Club).

    Statements on EuroHockey 2023 

    Carola Meyer, President of the German Hockey Federation:

    “The EuroHockey Championships 2023 will be an absolute highlight for German sport. We consider the event as the major European event next year. With the EuroHockey Championships 2023, we want to give hockey an innovative platform and put our growing sport further into the spotlight.

    “Of course, we also hope for a successful performance from the Honamas and Danas. After all, direct qualification for the 2024 Olympics in Paris is at stake. I am particularly pleased the EuroHockey ID Championship 2023 Hockey will take place on the grounds of GHTC Mönchengladbach in parallel to the EuroHockey Championships 2023 for women and men”

    Nina Holtgrewe, Events Director of the German Hockey Federation:

    “We are working hard to ensure that the EuroHockey Championships 2023 will be a complete success. In addition to the perfect organisation of the competition, our goal is to create a great fan festival for people of all ages through our Fan Village, side events and special ticket offers. Munich has shown the way with the European Championships and I am sure Mönchengladbach will follow suit next year.”

    Christoph Menke-Salz, Sportdirektor of the German Hockey Federation:

    “From a sports perspective, a European Championship in one’s own country is a unique opportunity for our national teams. I can still remember the men’s triumph in 2011. At the last EuroHockey Championship in the Netherlands in 2021, we finished with two silver medals. After the recent performances of the Honamas and the Danas, I am confident that both teams will be in the mix for the title next year.”

    EHF President, Marijke Fleuren 

    “Hockey is Back in Mönchengladbach is the theme for the launch of our communications for the EuroHockey Championships 2023, Women and Men.

    “As President of the EHF, I am very pleased that once again the HockeyPark will ring out with the cheers of the fans from all over Europe.

    “The pinnacle of our year in 2023 and a direct route to Paris2024, this equally amazing event will see 40 highly competitive games and 288 of our elite athletes, supported by our top officials, battling it out to see who will be the 2023 EuroHockey Champions (Women and Men).

    “In parallel, we will have our EuroHockey ID Championships as an integral part of the top event and is for me really a personal highlight.

    “Of course, these events don’t just happen. We are grateful for the excellent work from the team in the DHB, dedicated to the delivery of a highly successful event, and a celebration without (we hope) the restrictions of the past few years due to the pandemic.”

    EuroHockey Championship 2023 website and communication plan launched

    To offer hockey fans and sports enthusiasts as much information as possible, the official website for the event has now been launched. The website provides first-hand information and allows fans to subscribe to the EuroHockey Championship 2023 newsletter. The website can be reached at:

    In addition to the website, interested parties can find up-to-date information on EuroHockey Championship 2023 via the German Hockey Federation’s social media channels.

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