Celebrating the stars behind the scenes on International Volunteer Day

Posted On 05/12/2022

On International Volunteer Day, we celebrate people from across the globe who selflessly give their service in the administration and promotion of hockey. From board members and committee chairs to coaches and umpires; from admin workers to the youngest ball patrol boy or girl – have all gone above and beyond to make our sport the very best experience it can be for all participants.

Whilst we are celebrating just a few individuals on the United Nations-led International Volunteer Day, it is worth thinking about, and recognising the work of each and every volunteer on every continent that made the return of all hockey events around the world possible, after a prolonged period of absence due to the global pandemic.

To honor these hard-working and committed individuals, FIH is presenting an FIH International Volunteer Day award, recognising the invaluable contribution of each nominee. All the recipients of the award have been nominated by their continental federation.

The European Hockey Federation has nominated Trine Moll of Denmark and Bertrand Schoumacher of France for their utmost dedication to the sport of hockey in their regions.

Trine Moll and her family have been synonymous with the Slagelse Hockey Club which celebrated its 100th anniversary earlier this year. She is the current president of the club and has been part of the backbone of Danish hockey for many years, winning 128 titles across men’s and women’s outdoor and indoor national championships. Trine and her family have been extremely active and dedicated to the running of the club, particularly keeping up the training of the club’s children’s section.

Bertrand Schoumacher headed the excellent volunteer team at the EuroHockey Championship qualifiers in Dunkirk this summer who put together a special event. The tournament was one of two run by the French federation to be awarded an “eco-responsibility” label by their national Olympic committee for a range of sustainability and inclusivity initiatives put in place.

Among the thousands of volunteers involved in delivering hockey events around the world every year, these are just the stories of a few. On this International Volunteers Day, we give our thanks to every single volunteer whose efforts help grow and develop the world of hockey. They truly are the stars of hockey behind the scenes.

FIH Hockey Leaders Award

To mark International Volunteer Day 2022, International Hockey Federation (FIH) is thrilled to announce the launch of ‘The FIH Hockey Leaders Award’, a new programme by The FIH Academy, with a greater focus on the education and development of youth and adult volunteers.

The FIH Hockey Leaders Award will serve the purpose of:

  • Educating volunteers by providing an introduction to various leadership roles and
  • skills in hockey
  • Rewarding recognised voluntary service in hockey
  • Supporting two groups: Young (Youth – U18) & Community (Adult – 18+)
  • Certifying on the basis of qualitative and quantitative performance
  • Encouraging Practical Placements

The FIH Academy Leaders Award aims to give learners the skills and knowledge to be able to assist in leading their own activities as part of a school, club, or association. It has two stages – Young Leader (14-17yrs) and Community Leader (18+), both targeted at young people and adults in voluntary coaching, officiating, and administrative roles.

The Award is designed as an introduction to various leadership roles in hockey and may be delivered by any FIH member, affiliated club, school, or organization using an FIH Academy Developer/Educator or Trainer.

Congratulations to Trine and Bertrand!

To read all about the global nominees – click here


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