Posted On 23/03/2023

The Coaching Committee had a productive face-to-face committee meeting in March 2023 with a range of outcomes agreed upon and discussed. 

Agreement was made on the structuring of future meetings to replicate the timings of the EuroHockey Institute programme application. So each March the committee will review topics and content and each September they will review the programme applications received by the EuroHockey Institute.  

The committee revisited the values, and teambuilding of the committee, and Tom Pedersen-Smith, Nathan Kipp, Michel Kinnen and Cameron Findler explained how productive the EuroHockey Institute and FIH Academy working together following a meeting in Lausanne in November 2023  

Cameron Findler provided an overview of the coaching Solidarity Funding projects for emerging nations with 12 nations now involved in coaching support through a European workforce, which we are working to certify to global standards with FIH. 


Nathan Kipp explained the work he has been doing on behalf of the EuroHockey Institute and using the mapping process from KNHB around the European Qualification Framework. This will form the report of the EuroHockey Institute Intellectual Outcome 5 which was discussed by the group, it was agreed and understood the importance of this framework to benchmark and review the standards and scope of each of the member National Associations’ coaching pathway. Nathan Kipp explained the EQF in detail and is working on the EuroHockey version of this to benchmark the level of each coaching programme across Europe, FIH, the DHB and Belgium Hockey have also started this process and it will be combined. Nathan Kipp and Tom Pedersen-Smith have a series of follow-up meetings and will finalise this by June 2023 


The committee reviewed the learning outcomes and overview of each programme and agreed objectives of the coaching pillar and the workforce training needs. The committee noted it was good to see so many nations represented again in TCP and C4E. The workforce in C4E has a great gender balance also. 

The committee continued to review and discuss coaching and learning against all programme general topics and linked these to the concepts, goals, success and needs and the above-mentioned EQF. Time was also used to consider what learners and educators need to deliver, and link this to any gaps identified against the aforementioned European Qualification Framework. 

A lengthy discussion rounded off the meeting around the length, design and formation of the current programmes to analyse if this is done correctly and/or could be amended. The outcome was to stay the same for the next 12month cycle and revisited in March 2024, once the EQF is published. 

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