EuroHockey Solidarity Grant supports continue into 2024

Posted On 12/05/2023

The application process for EuroHockey Solidarity Grants will now see member national associations able to apply for support during two windows from 2024 onwards. 

It follows a review of the Solidarity Grant process which opened two years ago and has now facilitated 35 applications from across our 42-member national associations.  

The grants have supported innovation, coaching, umpiring, officiating, facilities, national teams and equipment supporting young people and adults access more opportunities in hockey at each level across Europe. 

Due to the increasing popular demand from our member national associations, EuroHockey staff reviewed how best to operate the grant applications moving forward. 

What we reviewed: 

  • The process and timeline for applications to be made and projects to start. 
  • How to provide grants and facilitate projects that support any member national association that produce long term sustainable strategic growth.  
  • The need for member national associations to have considered resources and timetables needed to achieve its goals.  
  • The need for member national associations to have national government relationships with their National Olympic Committee and/or Ministry of Sport 

Overview of review outcomes 

EuroHockey will continue to contribute funding into activities across the EuroHockey Institute which all member national associations can access.

To encourage, promote, develop and support the strategic growth of hockey in Europe at all levels. EuroHockey do this by sharing knowledge through teaching, mentoring and facilitating the correct programmes and environments to maximise understanding and implementation. 

What ? 

The EuroHockey Solidarity grant provides support to any member national association for projects that produce long term sustainable strategic growth.

How much ?

EuroHockey will work with member national associations on their project and consider the resources and timetable needed to achieve its goals. EuroHockey will contribute an initial start-up grant to the value of €2,000 per project, per year. 

Application windows 

Member national associations will be able to apply during two windows; they are:  

  1. January 1st to 31st with programmes delivered from the upcoming April for a period of up to 12 months. 
  1. July 1st to 31st with programmes delivered from the upcoming October for a period of up to 12 months. 

There is the opportunity to renew a programme for an additional 12 months, but this must be applied for during the same window the following year. 

Criteria Overview 

To be eligible for funding and the application to be reviewed, member national associations must: 

  • have paid in full all applicable EuroHockey membership fees and invoices. 
  • demonstrate they are actively engaged with EuroHockey and their respective National Olympic Committee and/or ministry of sport to develop hockey. 

Further details can be accessed through a link provided to the EuroHockey member national associations or contact 


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