EHF Solidarity

EHF Solidarity

The EHF strives to increase strategic standards across our membership. We strive to educate, inspire and develop concerted efforts around good governance whilst supporting the many volunteers who give so much to the sport that we love.

The EHF contributes funding into activities across each development and education programme that all National Associations can access at a lower price point for themselves and nominated participants.

The EHF also provides funding to National  Associations directly through projects designed to strategically increase and promote values of good governance, education and competitions that support national growth.

Any EHF National Association that strives for long-term development & growth requires a strategy that creates sustainable outcomes.

We will work with National Associations on their strategy for their nation and considers the resources and timetable needed to achieve any of the areas for development, listed below:

  • Coaching, umpiring and officiating education pathways.
  • Governance & Volunteerism
  • Club development and administration
  • Event management
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Team exchanges
  • Twinning different European Nations together for similar projects
  • Other bespoke areas as requested with an explanation from the National Association

European Union

Actions in the field of sport are designed to promote participation in sport, physical activity, and voluntary activities. They are also designed to tackle threats to the integrity of sport, promote dual careers for athletes, improve good governance, and foster tolerance and social inclusion.

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Olympic Solidarity

The International Olympic Committee, through Olympic Solidarity, also provides grants to develop sport structures, teams and individuals via its National Olympic Committees (NOCs). We suggest you build a good relationship with your NOC and let them know why hockey should be included in the various programmes.

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If you need any further explanation or details, please click here to contact the EHF via our contact page.