European Institute for Hockey


The European Institute for Hockey (EIH) objective is to deliver world class education to support national growth. Creating an education framework that addresses support on a national, regional and European level.

The strategic intent is to create tools and resources that provide transparent and accessible learning for people at all levels of the sport.

The project will build on and enhance good practice structures by developing the EIH with four strategic pillars to facilitate sustainable, high quality national growth across member federations in Europe.

The project will enhance Governance through leadership and management. It will enable an athlete centered approach to dual careers. It will create coaching frameworks and workforce requirements that enhance grassroots development and improve workforce requirements.

The EIH will enable the societal role of sport to be presented by encouraging, promoting, developing and supporting growth of hockey through education in Europe at all levels. By sharing knowledge through teaching, mentoring and facilitating the correct programmes and environments in order to maximise understanding, implementation and application.

The project will establish the EIH with an educational structure within the timeline to deliver 9 (nine) intellectual outputs that will form a bridge between national qualifications systems/pathways. Developing skills to create purposeful learning for those in decision making roles within hockey.

The provision of career guidance and support via academic and business opportunities for athletes’ dual careers. Whilst also developing Member Association pathways to develop coaching and ensuring the correct structured, qualified workforce to deliver against training needs.

Highlighting the importance of education, learning and skills transference in sport will be important in the project alongside the analysis of key findings to enable a sustainability and transferability of the intellectual outputs.


To create and delivery world class hockey education. Creating a systematic education framework which engages equitable and equal learning opportunities, providing even more high-quality learning and application across more nations at each level of the game.


That every participant is responsible for their own development. The EHF will support and facilitate this by offering a world-wide network, inspiring workshops, on-the-job training and opportunities to progress.

Intellectual Outcome 1

TITLE: International Sports Federation Frameworks for Education

DESCRIPTION: An insight report on the education programmes and processes used in international sports federations

Intellectual Outcome 2

TITLE: Educational Framework for the Teaching and Learning of Good Governance

DESCRIPTION: A resource and training information pack for national associations to adopt and implement good governance policy.

Intellectual Outcome 3

TITLE: European Hockey Leadership and Management

DESCRIPTIONA platform for the development of skillsets to create purposeful learning for those in decision making roles within hockey.

Intellectual Outcome 4

TITLEAthlete Dual Career Development

DESCRIPTION: Implementation of a duty of care pillar for athletes, in sports or business across administration, marketing and communications

Intellectual Outcome 5

TITLE: Coach Development Pillar for Europe

DESCRIPTIONDeveloping a fit for purpose coaching framework that supports national growth (and new) access to coach education across national hockey associations.

Intellectual Outcome 6

TITLE: Creating the Future Fit for Purpose Workforce

DESCRIPTION: Development of standardisations across workforce needs for educational pillars of the European Institute for Hockey

Intellectual Outcome 7

TITLE: Global and Public Launch of the European Institute for Hockey (EIH)

DESCRIPTION: The formal launch campaign for the opening of the European Institute for Hockey

Intellectual Outcome 8

TITLE: Findings of the European Hockey Frameworks for Educational Output

DESCRIPTION: An insight report on the education pillars created for the EIH; which processes should and can be used in international sports federation educational development

Intellectual Outcome 9

TITLELegacy and Future Impact

DESCRIPTIONA deep dive review on the sustainability and transferability of the intellectual outputs of the EIH

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