Competitions FAQ

  • What are the entry deadlines for entering a team to a competition and applying to host an event?
    • Indoor Championships: 15 April 2 years preceding the event.
    • Indoor Clubs: 15 April 1 year preceding the event.
    • Outdoor Championships: 31 October 2 years preceding the event.
    • Outdoor Clubs: 15 July 1 year preceding the event.
  • We are not sure if we can go to an event. What are the withdrawal deadlines?
    • Indoor Championships: 30 June 1 year preceding the event.
    • Indoor Clubs: 31 August 1 year preceding the event.
    • Outdoor Championships: 15 January in the year of the event.
    • Outdoor Clubs: 31 October 1 year preceding the event.
  • When do we need to complete and return our Entry List?

    Please note EHF has a NEW procedure now for Entry Lists. Team Entry Lists (with names, nationalities and dates of birth of players and staff members and the kit colours) must be entered into the TMS/AltiusRT system by the National Association who must confirm that all the players listed are eligible.

    A PDF of the Team Registration Report, which can be downloaded as soon as the team is entered into TMS/AltiusRT, must be send to the EHF by the National Association.

    For EHL the deadlines are different and can be found in the EHL regulations. 

    For all other events the deadline to complete your Entry List is 14 days in advance of the tournament.

    Make sure no to wait until the last moment and make sure a number of people check the Entry List before it is submitted. 

  • What is the difference between TMS and AltiusRT?

    TMS and AltiusRT are exactly the same systems. However TMS is used by FIH and AltiusRT by EHF; the data bases in AltiusRT and TMS are not connected. 

    All Indoor and Outdoor senior and junior events are set up in TMS.

    All Indoor and Outdoor club events and all Outdoor U16 and U18 Championship events are set up in AltiusRT.

    The only exception is the Outdoor U16 event which is a direct qualification event for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG); then the event is set up in TMS. 

  • I’m Team Manager. When do I get access to TMS/AltiusRT?

    EHF needs to be informed well in advance of the event what the name, gender, nationality and email address is of the Team Manager.

    As soon as the NA has enterered the Entry List in the system, around 10-12 days before the start of the tournament, all Team Managers will receive an automated email via the system asking them to login to TMS/AltiusRT.

  • What are the consequences if we withdraw from an event?

    This completely depends on the time of the withdrawal and the event you withdraw from.

    Please read the bulletin on this by clicking here

    Any club which withdraws from a tournament after the deadline date, will cause the next team entered by that National Association to be automatically relegated to the next lower division of the competition the next time the relevant tournament is played. In addition that team will not be eligible for promotion in the year of its relegated participation.

  • We are not sure if it is safe to travel. Does EHF have a guidance?

    Please see the EHF Travel Advice Guidance Note by clicking here

  • Do we need to pay for the local transport?

    Please read the regulations very carefully!

    There is also a Transport Summary note on the website, but the regulations always take precedence in case of differences. Click here for the regulations page

  • I have a question on player eligibility. What should I do?

    First ask the question to your own National Association (NA). They should be able to assist you and give the answer. If they don’t know the answer, they will ask the EHF Competitions Manager for advice. 

    In the EHF Master Document, which can be found on the EHF website under Event Management-Regulations, in section C1 this can be found. Click here for the regulations page


  • I’m a player playing for a foreign club. Is there anything I should do or have?

    Any player who is not a citizen of the country where the club (s)he represents is located, needs to have the required NOC (No Objection Certificate). NOCs must be received by the EHF at least 14 days before the start of the tournament.

    For the avoidance of doubt, EHL has a different deadline (15 September or 1 November).

    The player can get the NOC from its own National Association (NA) only, so not from its former club. The NOC must be valid for the whole season and also for the EuroHockey event(s) the club will participate in. 

    An NA can give an NOC which is valid indefinite as long as they mention this in the NOC. 

  • I’m not sure if a person is old or young enough to play in an event. Where can I find the answer?
    • For all Junior, U18 and U16 events, please see the link for maximum ages: Click Here
    • Indoor Championships: minimum age is 15 years old on the first day of the tournament.
    • Indoor Clubs: minimum age is 15 years old on the first day of the tournament.
    • Outdoor Championships Senior: minimum age is 15 years old on the first day of the tournament.
    • Outdoor Championships Junior: minimum age is 15 years old on the first day of the tournament.
    • Outdoor Championships U18: minimum age is 13 years old on the first day of the tournament.
    • Outdoor Championships U16: minimum age is 13 years old on the first day of the tournament.
    • Outdoor Clubs: minimum age is 15 years old on the first day of the tournament.
  • We have a player who needs a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) (eg The player has asthma and need to use an inhaler). What should we do?

    You need to email FIH, Bryan Mo, Click here to email, well in advance of your event.

  • We will travel with a Medical Doctor to an event. Is this allowed or not?

    It is absolutely allowed to travel to an event with a Medical Doctor. It is even recommended to do so. However it is not essential to bring a Medical Doctor, as during each tournament the host will provide a Tournament Doctor. 

    Please remember that the Technical Delegate (TD) can ask your Medical Doctor for proof of being a doctor. An English written certificate needs to be shown then. Putting someone (eg. an assistant coach) on the Entry Form as Medical Doctor who is not a real doctor, is a breach and will lead to a Code of Conduct and could seriuously endanger the lives of your players.

  • Do I need to follow an Anti-Doping Educational Course?

    All players in EuroHockey Championships (Indoor/Outdoor) need to follow an Anti-Doping Educational Course.

    In EuroHockey club events, it is only mandatory to have a valid AD Certificate for players playing in EHL, EHCC, Cup and Trophy events. For Challenge events, EHF only recommends to do a course, but it is not mandatory. 

    The AD certificate will be valid for 2 years from the date of completion.

    Certificates only need to be done by players, although staff members can do the course as well as this gives them valuable information also. 

    Sometimes the system doesn’t allow persons to get a new certificate when the old one is still valid. For them to renew the certificates, please Click here


  • We will travel to an event and are looking for flight options. Anything we need to be aware of?

    You need to ask the host (if they haven’t already informed you) what the designated airport(s) is/are. It is easier to fly to a designated airport, although each team can decide their own travel plan. In the regulations it is stated what the host needs or doesn’t need to pay with regard to transport.

    It is also important that you are in the tournament hotel before 19.00h on the evening prior to the start of the event. This is the stated time as your Team Manager needs to attend the TD Meeting and the passport and equipment checks. If for any reason your team cannot arrive before 19.00h, you need to inform the EHF Competitions Manager as soon as possible to explain why this isn’t possible. (Different rules apply for the EuroHockey Championship, please check with the EHF Competitions Manager)

  • Do I need a passport at an event?

    First of all you need the correct documents to travel to another country.

    For an Indoor or Outdoor CLUB event a valid ID card or a valid passport are acceptable forms of identification for the TD. 

    For a Senior/Junior/U18/U16 Championship NATIONS event (Indoor or Outdoor) the only acceptable document is a valid passport from the country you represent. 

    Always rememeber that the home team in each event also needs to present to the TD the required documents. 

  • I need visa to go to an event. What should I do?

    You need to ask the host as soon as possible for a Visa Invitation Letter. In order for the host to write this letter, you need to inform the host of: 

    1. your full passport name
    2. your date or birth
    3. your passport number
    4. the expiry date of your passport.

    The host will include this information in the letter. When your have received the letter from the host, the host has done its job and you need to apply for visa yourself.

    Please note that the Visa Invitation Letter needs to come from the host and not from EHF.

    EHF can only give you a Letter of Support in which it confirms you will indeed participate in the event and in which it asks the visa agency to grant you the required visa.

    Be sure to get all the documentation is good time! 

  • We are thinking of hosting an event. What are the benefits of hosting?
    • Own team does not have to travel so no flight tickets to be bought.
    • Own team potentially does not have to stay in a hotel.
    • No visa costs.
    • Own spectators do not have to travel.
    • No extra days off work/studies when travelling to far countries/destinations.
    • Club members get (more) involved.
    • Volunteers get more experienced each time hosting.
    • Promote Hockey in your region/country and gain more members.
    • Home team is used to environment of home pitch and home club house.
    • More spectators for home team.
    • Show what your country/city/club has to offer to visiting teams and officials.
    • Income via Entrance tickets.
    • Income via Catering if done via club and volunteers help.
    • Income via sponsoring and merchandise.
    • Find new sponsors and satisfy existing sponsors. 


  • The Altiusrt event information is not showing (Safari Browser)

    There is a known issue with 3rd party cookies on the Safari Browser which can cause iframes not to display correctly or at all.

    This is due to the security setting on Safari and currently cannot be circumvented

    If you are seeing this issue we suggest you view the site on Google Chrome browser

  • I want to look for the results in previous EuroHockey / EHL events. Where can I find them?


     Please click here

  • When are the EHF events held?
    • Our indoor events are always in January (Senior/Junior) and February (Clubs).
    • Our outdoor Club events are in October (EHL Round 1) and at Easter (EHL KO16 and EHCC). At Whitsun (May/June) the outdoor Challenge and Trophy events are held as well as the EHF Final4 (last weekend of May). This however can vary from year to year depending on eg the FIH Hockey Pro League.
    • Our outdoor Championship events (Senior/Junior/U18/U16) are always in July and August (and sometimes early September). 
  • I’m playing in an outdoor club event and I’m not sure how the Promotion and Relegation works?
  • We are hosting an event, but which expenses can we expect?

    The following is a list of the main expenses, but not all!:

    • Licence fee, if present (see Responsibility Chart);
    • Full board accommodation for all tournament Officials (see Responsibility Chart for the maximum number of officials to be appointed);
    • Return flights for TD, UMs, neutral umpires, Media Officer (see Responsibility Chart);
    • All local return transport for the officials (airport-hotel and hotel-venue);
    • All local return transport for teams who stay in a designated tournament hotel (hotel-venue)(NOT for U16/U18 events);
    • All local return transport for teams who arrive at /depart from the designated airport (airport-hotel)(NOT for U16/U18/U21/Senior events);
    • Possible upgrade of the wifi (and 4G-dongles);
    • Medals (See Responsibility Chart);
    • Umpire shirts;
    • First aid and a Medical Doctor;
    • PA system to address spectators;
    • Programme book/ clapper;
    • Live streaming;
    • Communication and PR;
    • Volunteer clothing and food/drinks;
    • Miscellaneous.
  • We have secured a designated hotel for the event, but which distance would be acceptable for club teams and officials to walk from hotel to the venue?

    This depends first on the weather. When it is raining (on snowing during indoor events), club teams and officials will most likely not walk and want to use the transport from the host. So back-up transport should always be available.

    NB for Championship events the transport is always paid for by the NAs so they can request transport always, but have to pay for it.

    When the hotel is approximately between 0 - 1,5 km distance away, one could ask teams and officials to walk, but this should be informed in the Teams/Officials Letter beforehand. What is important to arrange is transport for the GK bags, balls, physio equipment of the teams so 9-person vans should always be available.

Development & Education FAQ

  • Where can I find out about coaching courses?

    The EHF provide coaching courses please find the information here

  • Where can I find out about umpiring courses?

    The EHF provide umpiring courses please find the information here

  • Where can I find out about officiating courses?

    The EHF provide officiating support, please find the information here

  • What funding is available for hockey?

    The EHF provide project bursaries through National Federations find out more here

  • How can I get a hockey pitch?

    The EHF Give & Get pitch programme provides information on second hand pitch donations. Click here for more information

  • Does the EHF help with accessing hockey kit?

    Our Give & Get Kit programme uses the EHF as a partner to distribute donated kit and equipment to emerging hockey nations. Click here for more in formation

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