#FridayFocus EHF Youth Panel members deliver comms at Indoor Club Cup

Posted On 21/02/2020

Helping at comms at the Indoor Club Cup….

Sergio (Club Cup Women, The Hague, Netherlands):

It was such an amazing opportunity to be able to see what’s beyond an event like this. Even though it wasn’t the biggest championship ever, the amount of work done behind the actual show is astonishing. All the transport, the management, schedules and logistics are the biggest part of organizing events and championships.

My role was to help Siobhán Madeley( EHF Comms manager) with the communication of this event, and also, part of the other ones happening at the same time (Poznan, Alanya, Bratislava…). Specifically, I was asked to run the Instagram account for the EHF (with graphs previously done on Photoshop, stories and posts), some tweets for the EuroHockey account (like the upcoming days and a little summary of the day), and also writing some roundups of the games for the official webpage.

But for me it was more important the things I learnt. For example, until last week I didn’t know how does streaming work, what does a filmer need or how do the system and software works. I was also impressed by all the work that has to be done in communication. Since changing the font for a photoshop graphic, to check that the correct picture appears on the streaming platform. When we think about comms, we tend to think about a picture on Instagram, but to further understand all that it requires, we have to look at the bigger picture.

Josip (Club Cup Men, Poznan, Poland):

It was really nice and enjoyable experience working at such an amazing event with EHF Operations Manager, Gráinne Corry. I was posting Instagram stories and interviewing players after their matches and also writing match reports to be posted on the website.

I found great enjoyment in writing, and about sports especially, so for me it was really fun working at this event. Social media and the whole machinery behind it is something that I find great interest in, so getting an opportunity to work here was such a pleasure. It literally combined all of my passions into a nice enjoyable working environment.

EHF Communications Manager, Siobhán Madeley said “We (the EHF) are extremely grateful to EHF Youth Leaders Sergio and Josip for volunteering their time to assist with an extraordinarily busy weekend. (5 events and 80 live games) The aim was to involve them in the content planning and delivery process, but in addition, allow them to learn new skills; photoshop, CMS systems, post-game interviews and writing match reports. It’s always interesting for our young leaders to understand not only the theory of digital comms planning but the delivery and how we do that at a live event when not everything goes to plan! I’m personally thrilled when we can engage with our Youth Leaders and I always learn something from them, such is the life of a Comms manager, we are always learning… In addition, I think it’s great that the guys really understood the team effort and that no one was ‘too important’ in the team to grab food, water, coffees for the other members! So kudos to Sergio and Josip and we look forward to working with them again!”

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