#FridayFocus – EHF Youth Leaderships Festival 1st-5th June 2021

Posted On 29/01/2021

For Sergio Olles from Zaragoza Spain, it was the chance meeting with a Spanish assistant coach who mentioned the 2019 EHF Youth Festival that piqued Sergio’s interest!

“I thought, why not, sure I have nothing to lose. I had already been doing a lot of marketing and planning with my own club, and I wondered if my presentation would be good enough to present at the EHF Youth Festival. My deepest fear was that I would have to present in English, which was really out of my comfort zone.”

“I was like, well thank God that’s done after my presentation! But Tom (EHF Development Manager) said he was proud of me and that made my day. I was in fact short-listed to present to the EHF Executive Board and although I didn’t win in the end, I thought – I love this, how do I stay involved? I want to be a part of this movement to help develop hockey.”

We asked Sergio what 2 moments stood out to him during the 2019 Festival:

“That’s easy, on the first night we were all having dinner together, I didn’t know a soul, but then I looked around and was surrounded by people from all our Europe that had the same idea as me, to grow hockey – and it was an amazing feeling.”

“The second memory was watching the Spain v Dutch (men) game. The coach who told me about the festival was there, so being there with people who I could now call my friends was an absolute joy.”

Who doesn’t want to have memories like these?

Contact your National Association and MAKE sure that you will be included in the 2021 EHF Youth Leadership Festival!

Any questions? Contact us development@eurohockey.org

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