#FridayFocus – EHF Umpires Courses at the EHL Finals

Posted On 29/04/2022

29th April 2002, Brussels, Belgium: Our FridayFocus today is all about our Umpires! Alongside the EHL Finals in Amsterdam, the EHF held its three umpiring courses: Umpires for Nations, Umpires for Europe, and the Umpire Development Programme.

With 38 umpires from 16 nations, it was an extraordinary event. Umpiring history was made as Sarah Wilson was appointed to umpire the EHL Final (m) with her Scottish colleague Martin Madden.

We opened the seminar on Friday with a keynote from Olympic Final Umpire Coen van Bunge. In addition, a presentation covering the relationship between Technical Officials and Umpires was led by EHL Judge Colin Boubert.

Throughout the long weekend, our umpires spent time with their mentors.  They received general topic presentations covering topics such as ‘The Art of Communication’ or ‘Presentation and Positioning’. All mentors are experienced international umpires/umpire managers.

Our umpires also had the opportunity to observe three EHL games.

During these matches, our umpires were tasked to observe areas of the game that reflected their classroom sessions earlier in the day. Additionally, the participants were joined by the umpires appointed to the EHL, who were able to share their experience of umpiring at the highest level.

With 38 umpires from 16 nations, the course allows participants to begin to create their international network. This is the network they will lean upon as they continue their umpiring careers.

Altogether, it was a very successful event that acted as the perfect step forward for these umpires.

For more information on our Umpire Programmes, click here.

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