Update Day 5 – EuroHockey Junior Championship II m, Plzen Litice

Posted On 29/07/2022

Report thanks to Czech Hockey:
Italy – Turkey 2:2 (2:0)
Goals: Italy – Alessandro Muzzoli 2x, Turkey – Ramazan Kayar, Muslum Ekinci
It could be presented as a standard already. The Turks are scoring goals in the second half and actually only from penalty corners. The Italians will let them take the win in the second half. And when these two teams meet in a game together, how else can it turn out? The Italians were the better team in the first half and deservedly led. Alessandro Muzzoli scored from a penalty corner in the second minute. He did it all again twelve minutes later. After half-time, the game became more even, and the Turkish team began to feel the desire to reduce. Right in the 34th minute from a penalty corner, Ramazan Kayar scored. The Turkish team came alive, pushed, got angry, and experienced the match intensely which was evident on the pitch. And they also equalized. In the 57th minute, Muslum Ekinci scored an unstoppable shot from a penalty corner. From the point of view of the whole match, a fair draw, the Turkish team showed great heart again.
Wales – Ireland 1:1 (0:0)
Goals: Wales – Owen Lloyd, Ireland – Adam Walker
The match of the two teams that, according to the tournament, were closest to promotion to the higher division. A cautious game in the first half, focused mainly on defending. The teams were aware of the importance of gaining points. The third quarter changed everything. It was marked by goals. First Lloyd Owen scored from play. The Irish came out knowing the importance of at least a point. Penalty corner goal scorer Adam Walker made sure of everything at the end of this quarter. The game was already more dynamic, with both teams’ shooting successes giving more motivation to the game. In the last quarter was the most exciting part of the game, unfortunately, instead of goals, only yellow cards were flying around the field. Nevertheless, both teams are on their way to promotion to the top division, but they cannot underestimate Saturday’s schedule. The Turks and the Italians may spoil their hopes.
Czech Republic – Poland 3:2 (2:2)
Czech Republic – Martin Plachý 2x, Vit Sokup Poland – Bartosz Zaworski and Juilan Blaskiewicz
230 spectators
The duel between two neighbors at the table and even neighbors across the border went better for the Czech team. The Czechs entered the match in a dreamlike way. Martin Plachý switched the ball from forehand to backhand and it immediately visited Gebler’s goal. A few minutes later, Martin Plachý converted a penalty corner. Plachý stood up to the shot and scored. The Czechs were better in this phase. Unfortunately for them, unnecessary mistakes got the Poles into the match. In the last minute of the first quarter, Julian Blaskiewicz got a shot from a penalty corner and reduced the deficit. Immediately after the quarter break, the Poles repeated a similar situation and the game started from the beginning. Bartosz Zaworski scored again from a penalty corner. The second half brought pressure from the Polish team. Everything ended without any significant moments and the Czech team gradually returned to the form of the first quarter. The improved performance was confirmed in the 50th minute with a goal from Vít Soukup. After defending a  penalty corner from a Pole a few seconds before the end, they were able to enjoy their first win in the tournament.
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