Georgia avail of EHF Solidarity Grant equipment

Posted On 30/11/2022

The Georgian Hockey Federation received a shipment of sticks and balls last week as part of their successful EHF solidarity grant application.

It owed much to the hockey family connections as there was initial difficulty sending equipment directly to Georgia.

Christian Deckenbrock, top international TD and member of the EHF Officials committee, was set to travel out to Tbilisi University to act as a guest lecturer. Upon hearing this link between Christian and Georgia, EHF President Marijke Fleurne suggested that Christian may be able to deliver the equipment on behalf of the EHF.

Thereafter, the EHF organised a delivery of sticks and balls from Institute Business Club member Mercian to be delivered to Christian in Germany who subsequently took it with him to Georgia.

There, he met with Tornike Tevdoradze, Vice President of the Georgian Hockey Federation, to gratefully receive the kit which will help build on their current work to grow hockey in the country.

“This inventory will be distributed in small villages and also in schools; GHF is very grateful to everyone who did some kind of work for us to receive this,” Tevdoradze said of the delivery.

“Christian, who provided us with hockey sticks and balls, is an extraordinary person, I will definitely work with him in the future.”

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