EHF Executive Board Report, December 2022

Posted On 13/12/2022

The EHF Executive Board meeting took place online on the 6th of December and face-to-face in Hamburg on the 10th of December.

6th December 2022, online meeting

President’s Welcome

The President, Marijke Fleuren, warmly welcomed everyone to the fifth Executive Board meeting of the year. The President reported to the Board that Carola Morgenstern – Meyer had stepped down from her position as DHB President. All the Board members wish all the very best to her.

The minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.

No apologies for absence.

Competition Committee Indoor and Outdoor Report

Walter Kapounek reported to the Board on the Indoor Championships I and III which were postponed from January to December 2022. He also reported on the Junior U21 and club events for 2023 as well as the outdoor clubs, EuroHockey5s Women, U18 and EuroHockey Championships events 2023.

During September EB the Board discussed at length the decrease in competition participation.  The Board requested that a follow-up be made with lower-ranked NAs to better understand the reasons for this.  A survey was sent to 18 NAs and calls were made to them and the answers to the survey were noted.  The board received these notes and an overall summary.

The Board decided to create a sub-group of Board members to discuss the next steps to help those NA’s develop hockey. Within the next 6 months, the sub-group will work to make a high-level plan and proposal for further discussion at the Board.

Angus Kirkland updated the board regarding EHC 2023 TV contract and EHC 2025/2027 bidding procedure. The first communication will go out before Christmas.

The Director General reported to the Board about the Euro Hockey League’s decision to conclude its relationship with ORIGIN Sports Group following a two-year review process.

Development Report

Peter Elders, Marcos Hofmann, Inez Cooper and Magdalena Nazaret presented to the Board the annual Development, Officials and Coaching committees report. The EB members were able to see the progress EHF made under EuroHockey Institute Coaching, Workforce, Officiating, Athletes, Governance, Innovation and Sustainability pillars.

10th December 2022, Hamburg

Apologies for Absence: Sabina Zampetti, Marcos Hofmann, Patrick Keusters.

Appointments update

Magdalena Nazaret reported to the Board about the ongoing replacements for indoor events 2022/2023 and outdoor appointments which will be announced on 12th December 2022.

Magdalena presented to the Board the new FIH marking scheme for officials and umpires which has been communicated by the FIH to officials ahead of Indoor season. This topic was discussed at length. The EHF Appointments group is working on providing further clarity to officials and to NA’s.

FIH update

Marijke Fleuren updated the Board about the upcoming meeting with FIH President.

The President was delighted to present to Peter Elders with FIH Order of Merit, which was announced at the 2021 FIH Congress.

EHF Representatives

Marijke Fleuren presented the duties of EHF Representative in the EuroHockey Events to the Board. The Board discussed the importance of supporting NA’s and decided, as a Board, to have more Board reps visiting events in the upcoming years.

EHTV+ update

Angus Kirkland updated the Board regarding the EHTV+ stakeholders forming an entity.  Two options were discussed, and the next phase will see two term sheets being produced, for the Board to review, giving a high-level overview of each option.  Due diligence work will proceed in order to get a full and clear picture of each option for the Boards ultimate approval.

EHTV+ Development Phase: The initial development of the automatic camera, which has been supported by a Belgium Government VLAIO grant has been concluded.  The first fully functioning automatic camera with automatic optical zoom for penalty corners is up and running at Southgate Hockey Club in England.

The strategic intent for EHTV+ is to have hockey available 24/7.

Communications and Commercial Report

Simon Mason reported to the Board the summary of EHTV and social media statistics, EuroHockey Indoor events, and EHC 2023 media planning.

The Board discussed the Communications and Commercial strategy and decided that committee chairs will have a meeting with committee members on these matters early in the new year.

EHC 2023 update

Angus Kirkland updated the Board with a full set of slides about the EHF staff and DHB EHC 2023 organising committee meeting on 9th December in Hamburg, where the next phases of planning was discussed.

More information about EHC 2023 can be found here:

Finance Report

Mika Rihtila and Angus Kirkland presented to the Board the year-to-date October figures which are conservatively on target for the approved budget.

The President, Marijke Fleuren was delighted to present Peter Elders with his FIH Order of Merit, which was announced at the 2021 FIH Congress.

The President thanked the Board members for their time and wished them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Photograph: Marijke Fleuren presents the EuroHockey Indoor Cup to German captain Sonja Zimmerman (EHF / World Sport pics (c))



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