Report of the meeting of the EHF Executive Board, 11th December 2021

Posted On 21/12/2022


Executive Board Meeting


11th December 2021  Video Conference
Meeting Executive Board
Attendees Marijke Fleuren, Walter Kapounek, Inez Cooper, Patrick Keusters, Peter Elders, Magdalena Nazaret, Sabina Zampetti, Marcos Hofmann, Simon Mason, Angus Kirkland, Mika Rihtilä.

Monika Ivanauskaitė (Administration Manager).

Apologies Gabriele Lemmle.

Agenda topics

Marijke Fleuren


The President, Marijke Fleuren, welcomed everyone to the sixth Executive Board meeting of the year. At the start of the meeting, the President asked all the Executive Board members to share their hockey and any personal news of the last couple of weeks.
Discussion The minutes of the meeting held online on 6th November were approved.
Discussion All items were covered by the agenda.
Discussion The President presented the EHF Committees’ appointment recommendations to the Executive Board. Each Committee Chair has specific criteria to make recommended appointments: every nominating National Association to have at least one person appointed; at least two women in each committee; a chance for new talents; history (attendance and performance); finance background, as applicable; good level of English; the relationship between the number of playing members of a National Association and the number of appointed committee members. From next term on, we expect our NA’s to come forward with at least 30% of each gender.
Decision The recommended appointments were approved and can be found here.
COMPETITION COMMITTEE Walter Kapuonek / Angus Kirkland
Discussion Walter Kapounek updated the Board on the EHF Indoor Junior, Indoor Senior, and Indoor Club events in December/January/February. Some of the December events were canceled. Walter explained the promotion and relegation process of Indoor Junior events. EHF and Competition Committee (Indoor/Outdoor) Chairs are in close contact with the staff and the January and February events hosts.

Walter mentioned that we now have all hosts for the 2022 EuroHockey Qualifiers in August.


Angus Kirkland updated the Board about the first face-to-face meeting with the organizing committee of European Championship 2023. The next meeting is planned to take place in Hamburg during the EuroHockey Indoor Championships.


EHL update:

Angus Kirkland updated the Board about the EHL situation, he presented the draws for the April events being held in Amsterdam and Egara.


The EHL Executive Board is now examining all the legal papers with regard to a potential new shareholder and will come back to the Board, NAs, and Clubs in due course.

Siobhán Madeley
Discussion Siobhán Madeley presented the Committee report to the Board. The EHF prioritized streaming in 2021 and we have streamed 250 games despite the pandemic. EHTV now has 120,000 subscribers, which is a 20% increase from 2020. Facebook: 44,895 followers. Interesting fact – 473,200 minutes have been watched on video all with a call to action back to the EHTV platform. Instagram: 22,100 followers.
Peter Elders
Discussion Peter Elders updated the Board about Development programs running in 2021, which includes: FIH state of the game, Mobilizing volunteers through good governance, Hockey’s impact through solidarity, EHF expert facility panel, Hockey ID, EHF Club of the Year, Twinning program, EHF Solidarity grants, the Hockey Forest, and gender balance, etc. For more information about the programs click here.
Inez Cooper / Magdalena Nazaret
Discussion Inez Cooper and Magdalena Nazaret presented to the Board the Officials Committee report. The year was difficult for the Committee regarding appointments with a lot of withdrawals and replacements due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The EHF had to postpone Education events all year on multiple occasions due to Covid-19. There were a couple of online workshops for UDP/U4E/U4N. 2022 Nominations for U4E and U4N Cohort just closed, and we are expecting 36 umpires will participate across both programs. A Local Official’s course has been designed and recorded and now sits on the Coach Logic platform so when the EHF makes appointments, they are also given the video link (the EHF is looking at how to use gamification in the future to make this even more appealing). More information about the programs can be found here.
Inez Cooper
Discussion Inez Cooper updated the Board about Coaching programs: European Hockey Podcasts, C4E, TCP, EHF National Association Coaching development, EHF Institute. Due to Covid-19 some of the programs were postponed and some have been run as online workshops. More information about the programs can be found here.
Marijke Fleuren
Discussion Marijke Fleuren presented the SWinG project to the Board. This 3-year Erasmus+ project has just come to an end. It has been a very successful program with 9 clear Intellectual Outputs. See


Marijke’s presentation can be found here.

EB members
Discussion Peter Elders, Inez Cooper, Marcos Hofmann, and Marijke Fleuren shared their experience in EHF Equally Amazing Leadership Forum. Fifty guests attended the forum in November from the 12th – 14th in Brussels and included keynote speakers from the IOC, FIH, Copenhagen University, and National Associations. All guests pledged what their National Associations would do to become more Equally Amazing – the EHF will follow up with each individual at the start of January 2022. More information here.
Marijke Fleuren
Discussion Marijke Fleuren updated the Board about the recent FIH Executive Board meeting including Hockey5s events, the postponed Women’s Junior World Cup, and the Men’s Junior World Cup, which had been a big success.
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Angus Kirkland presented the year-to-date 31st November figures, December year-end figures, and Budget 2022. The budget remains ahead of the target.
Any other business
All members
Discussion Marijke in her closing words, the President thanked the Executive Board for their time and hard work during 2021.

A special word to all our staff members. All Board Members expressed their big gratitude to all of them for their dedication to the EHF. Marijke hoped that the ‘togetherness’ helped the staff and the Board to feel supported, especially in not easy personal circumstances.

Next EB meeting during the 2022:

25th – 26th March, Brussels.

Start of June, video conference.

Later in the summer, video conference.

16th – 17th September, places TBC.

9th – 10th December, place TBC.

Signed as a true record: Marijke Fleuren
Date: 25th March 2022

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