Report of the meeting of the EHF Executive Board, 17th May 2022

Posted On 21/12/2022

Executive Board Meeting


17th May 2022  Brussels
Meeting Executive Board
Attendees Marijke Fleuren, Walter Kapounek, Inez Cooper, Peter Elders, Magdalena Nazaret (online), Sabina Zampetti (online) Marcos Hofmann, Simon Mason, Angus Kirkland, Mika Rihtilä, Gabriele Lemmle (online), Patrick Keusters.

Monika Ivanauskaitė, David Voskamp, Cameron Findler, Tom Pedersen-Smith, Gráinne Corry, Siobhán Madeley, Jokko de Wit.


Agenda topics

Marijke Fleuren


The President, Marijke Fleuren, warmly welcomed everyone to the second face-to-face meeting this year. This was a special meeting, as the Board and all staff members met together for the first time in a long time.

During the last Board meeting, an outcome was to take some time to focus on reviewing the EHF strategic plan, the operational plan, and the future.

The EHF is proud that, especially over the past two years, it has been in close contact with our NA’s, clubs, officials, and all the hockey family about the steps we were making.

The President thanked our Members’ for their hard work to keep things going during the Covid-19 period.

Discussion The minutes of the meeting of 26th – 27th March were read, approved, and signed.
Discussion All items were covered by the agenda.
Discussion Walter Kapounek reported to the Board on the outdoor and indoor events changes. The main changes were made for the EuroHockey Qualifiers, more information here.
Discussion At the last meeting Siobhán Madeley, Tom Pedersen-Smith, and Jokko de Wit presented the Digital Transformation project to the Board. This meeting was focused on a better understanding of the importance of the project and how it will work.
Angus Kirkland
Discussion Angus Kirkland presented to the Board and staff members the current Strategic plan 2020 – 2026.

The Board and staff members spent time reviewing the plan and discussed some updates for the Strategic Plan 2022 – 2028. The updated Strategy plan will be circulated to Board in the upcoming weeks.

Tom Pedersen-Smith
Discussion Tom Pedersen-Smith and Angus Kirkland presented the operational plan to the Board. The main reason for this presentation was to give an overview of the work being done through the staff and the Committees and how the activity could drive the stated Strategic goals.

The plan highlights how many different data systems we use across the various functions that need to be managed manually. The proposed Digital Transformation project will look to streamline our processes to make the organization more efficient and effective. How fast this project can be delivered will largely depend on whether EU funding can be achieved.

EB and staff members
Discussion The Board agreed to have official wording for EHF members – Member National Association (abbreviation – NA).

At the previous Board meeting, the Board felt that to facilitate good decision making it was important to understand what interaction across various sections of the organization we were engaged in with our NAs.

An overview was presented, and group discussions took place on how best to support and track our activity with the NAs.  This work will be collated and written up so it can be the basis for planning for the future.

Marijke Fleuren / Angus Kirkland
Discussion Marijke Fleuren and Angus Kirkland presented information about the FIH elections in November 2022 and the EHF elections in August 2023 to the Board. The focus, for now, will be on the upcoming FIH elections.
All members
Discussion The President thanked the Board and staff members for their time and was happy and grateful to have this special meeting.

The meeting closed at 16:40.

Next EB meeting during the 2022:

29th June, 19:00 CET, video conference.

24th August, 19:00 CET, video conference (only if required)

16th – 17th September, Brussels.

6th December, 19:00 CET, video conference.

10th December, 11:00 – 14:00 CET, Hamburg.


EHF General Assembly: 8th October 2022, 11:00 – 13:00 CET, online. TBC.



Next EB meetings during the 2023:

24th – 25th March, Brussels.

June meeting face-to-face, venue to be determined (not in Brussels).

17th August, Monchengladbach.


Executive Leadership Forum: 24th – 26th March 2023, Brussels.

Signed as a true record: Marijke Fleuren
Date: 29th June 2022

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