Why join our Youth Leadership Festival?

EuroHockey Youth Festival

Posted On 22/02/2023

Today we announced the exciting programme for the upcoming EuroHockey Youth Leadership Festival.

From 15th – 19th August in Mönchengladbachh, we press Play Again for our youth leaders all over Europe to come together, share knowledge, learn from our special guests, and more importantly from each other!

Let’s hear from the experts – Our Youth Leadership Panel:

Cederic Vermeiren: “In 2017 I had my first experience with the EHF as a participant in the Youth Leadership Festival in Amsterdam. I presented my project on Hockey ID and got selected to present it in front of the Executive Board, a big group of people from each National Association. It was an amazing experience sharing this with so many people and learning from them. One of the highlights of my career so far is as it has brought me to where I am now. 6 years later I became Co-Chair of the EHF Youth Panel, together with Chloe Jordan, who I met at the festival in 2017.

This week is filled with workshops, presentations, friendship, and a lot of joy to help you develop as a person and as a youth leader. I can not wait to meet you all and hear what you are doing in your country. So what is stopping you? Contact your National Association and get involved. I hope to see you in August!”

Sergio Olles added: “The Youth Leadership Festival in Antwerp was an amazing opportunity to discover how different countries approach hockey’s development, while also connecting with talented people from all over Europe.

The Youth Leadership Festival was the perfect balance between networking and learning about different areas in hockey, such as umpiring, business, and communication, all while having such a fun time.”


Helen Windsor:

About the previous event:

“An event for growth, networking, challenge, and learning all in a fun and inclusive environment! A festival where together as the next generation we achieve more for the sport we are all so passionate about. Be the change! One of the most wonderful and exciting festivals I have had the pleasure of being a part of. I grew my confidence, knowledge, and hockey family through guest speakers, practical workshops, and group tasks!’

About a future event:

‘Step outside your comfort zone and open your eyes to a world of hockey stars and legends. You with discover new things about yourself and make invaluable connections to help you in your hockey journey. The European Youth Panel welcomes you to help us continue proving that age is not a barrier when it comes to creativity and passion for hockey leadership.  A festival of fun, learning, and hockey! Come and share your enthusiasm, ideas, and experiences on a European Platform. Let’s make this festival bigger than ever’

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