Hockey-Kids’ author Sabine Hahn nominated for the German Reading Award 2024

For 10 years, German children’s book author Sabine Hahn has been inspiring children to read and play hockey with her Hockey-Kids stories.

Now, her special and worldwide unique commitment to promoting reading through hockey has been nominated for this year’s German Reading Award, the “Deutscher Lesepreis” in the category for “Outstanding Individual Commitment”.

The German Reading Award is a joint initiative of the “Stiftung Lesen” foundation and the “Commerzbank” foundation and will be awarded for the 11th time in 2024.

The focus is on those who often work in the background to ensure that children and young people have real opportunities for the future because only those who can read have the chance of a self-determined life.

With her project “The Hockey Kids: Sporty Reading Promotion & Literary Sports Development for Ages 3 and Up,” Sabine Hahn won out of more than 400 applications, from which a total of 50 projects and people from all over Germany were selected in 5 categories.

Promoting reading through sports and promoting hockey through literature are two major goals Hahn links together and brings to life in her books with numerous interactive readings in schools and clubs across Germany and Europe.

With her creative approach to literature, her way of actively turning stories into positive experiences and a wealth of free accompanying material that Sabine Hahn offers for children, schools, kindergartens and clubs, she has been promoting reading through hockey in Germany and abroad for many years.

We congratulate Sabine Hahn on this great and well deserved nomination and look forward to Berlin when the winners will be announced among the nominated projects and individuals in February 2024.

All information about her international work, her popular children’s books, her outstanding commitment to hockey and reading, as well as contact options can be found on her author & illustrator’s website at

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