International Hockey5s Coaches Seminar held in Lithuania

Just ahead of the EuroHockey 5s season, on June 29th and 30th, an international Hockey 5s coaches’ seminar was held in Šiauliai, where coaches from Lithuania and Estonia participated.

The seminar – supported by a EuroHockey Solidarity Grant – was conducted by experienced lecturer Norbert Nederlof from the Netherlands, and the curator of the seminar was Ugnė Chmeliauskaitė from Vilnius.

During the seminar, the coaches discussed Hockey 5s game tactics and methodologies. The programme covered important topics related to game strategy, player development, and physical conditioning.

The participants had the opportunity not only to listen to theoretical lectures but also to participate in practical sessions and discussions where they could share their experiences and insights.

This seminar was an important step in the development of the Hockey 5s game in Lithuania and Estonia, as the coaches gained new knowledge and skills that will help improve the level of play in their teams.

The participants expressed great satisfaction with the organisation and content of the event, emphasizing the professionalism of the lecturer, and the practical value of the seminar.

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