EuroHockey Institute launches its first athlete pillar programme – Unthink Athlete Career Experience

EuroHockey Institute is thrilled to announce a milestone programme as we collaborate with Unthink to launch the Unthink Athlete Career Experience.

Bruno Santos, EuroHockey executive board member and athlete committee lead said of the programme “This partnership offers international athletes a unique opportunity. Through the Unthink Athlete Career Experience, athletes can connect with peers, understand their strengths, and gain insights into various industries. Led by Janne Müller-Wieland, an accomplished Olympian, this programme empowers athletes to unlock their powerful skill set beyond the hockey pitch.”

Berlin and Beyond

This experience supports international athletes who have dual careers or as they make the sometimes challenging transition from elite sport to a world of work away from the pitch.

Expect to:

  • Connect with a peer group at a similar stage in the transition
  • Understand interferences with the transition and be proactive to prevent those
  • Understand what your strengths are and how you can communicate and contribute these to new contexts
  • Become comfortable operating in life after hockey
  • zLearn about different roles and industries from various business leaders

This experience consists of a 1-day experience in Berlin with exciting guest speakers at different locations. Also several virtual calls with leaders from different industries to gain an insight into their working life. Finally an Alumni event at the EuroHockey Championships 2025 in Mönchengladbach.

Unthink creates addictive learning experiences that drive curious people to do extraordinary things. This will not be a standard workshop as you know it. Led by Janne Müller-Wieland, 3x Olympian and German captain, and supported by former athletes, Unthink knows how to unlock the powerful set of skills international athletes possess.

Unthink co-founder Janne Müller-Wieland, speaking about this unique opportunity said “For so long, hockey is all that we know, and we don’t put any thought into what life after hockey will be like. Shifting our identity to something new takes time, but can be extremely exciting. Having the opportunity to support hockey players on their transition means a lot to me and I can’t wait for the experience in Berlin in June.”

Owen Waters, Head of Brand & Partnerships – Unthink, added “The opportunity to support athletes unlock their value and excel in life after hockey lies close to our hearts. Unthink creates epic learning experiences, and we’re grateful to be able to partner with EuroHockey to do just this at Berlin and Beyond. As we say, ‘don’t judge, be curious…”

What next?

With 12 places available find out more here and contact your national association to nominate you.

Find out more about UNTHINK here

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