Youth Leadership Festival

Programme Overview

This week long event brings together young leaders from a cross Europe. Among the discussion topics are hockey innovation, leadership and management, spots administration and event management. The festival provides a platform for young people to learn from each other, share experiences and develop long-lasting friendships in a supportive and inspirational environment.

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Type of development

OnlineFace to Face


Soft SkillsHard Skills

Estimated Hours of Learning

36 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it last

How long does it last

4.5 days

How many applicants

How many applicants

50 participants

How much is it

How much is it


Certification body

Certification body

EuroHockey Institute

Language used

Language used


Important Dates


Applications every two years

August 2023

Festival - 4.5 days face to face

August 2025

Festival - 4.5 days face to face

How To Get On


  • Submitted directly to EuroHockey via the EuroHockey Portal.
  • For the Youth Leadership Festival this will open up the beginning of year the festival is on.

Criteria & Level

  • Aged between 18-30 years old and actively invovled in developing hockey in your nation.
  • A good level of English, verbal and written.
  • Prepared to present on an area of hockey development they have been involved in over the past 12months.
  • Agreement that the National Associations pay for the travel of each young leader.
  • Agreement that the National Associations pay the festival fee for each young leader.

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